Minecraft Bedrock Add-On Development

I work on complex add-ons and maps for minecraft bedrock with experience using mcfunctions and the Script API.

Experience in Add-On Sub-Systems

Other Skills


Add-On Concepts

Some of my more advanced add-ons that I don't end up finishing.

Free Published Add-Ons

Bundlepacks (Backpacks)

26 April, 2024

Lava Sponges

7 April, 2024

Fake Blocks (Camouflage Blocks)

27 April, 2024


20 Feb, 2024

Hoax Shader

30 Jan, 2022

Compressed Blocks

9 Jan, 2022

Climbable Chains

21 Aug, 2021

Raid Bug Fix Addon

20 Feb, 2022

Player Sit

20 Feb, 2022